Well as you all know a trip to san pedro is great, but a trip to the love shack in san pedro is even better. We had a great time. What happens in the love shack, stays in the love shack. HA!
FISHING STORY: well it appears a fishing blister is now a york family tradition. I started the day hooking up with a barracuda as big as me, broke the line right at the boat. That is how we know how HUGE it was. I then proceeded to hook up many many more fish including pordgies (I think we call them piggy perch) grunts, snappers & even a pilot fish. I hooked up with a HUGE snapper right before lunch. A few feet from the boat I lost the tension in my line. 2 barracudas chomped my fish. I guess they wanted lunch too. I reeled in a HUGE snapper HEAD. David landed a few minnows, snappers, & cudas. He also hooked a frigate bird that took drag. Poor david he tried to stop the bird and burned a HUGE blister in his thumb. (however, I do believe that my legitiment fishing blister was larger.) he gingerly reeled in the bird, he & tulu untangled it, & it flew away in good health. He also caught a morey eel and a stingray from the pier which barbed the hell out of him. & that is why I remain pescadora magnifica.

Skeeters were about the same as here on the texas coast. No signs of fever yet.
We enjoyed all the usual stuff. Visited with old friends & met some new ones.
Food was good at coconuts, blue water grill, papi’s, park venders, ali babas, & definitely try shopping at the sausage factory.
Belikin & rum tasted good everywhere.
Took a ride to caye caulker. Had a great lunch at bamboo grill & visited with silkpainter. She has moved her store and now has a café in it. Check out her great artwork & jewelry.
I also learned that if you drink mass quantities of red wine, the mosquitoes will not bite you. My rum was all gone (believe it or not) so I restocked at the airport. Who is ready for a panty ripper party?