My friend was denied because they didn't believe he would return home, despite having family and owning property, both on the mainland and on AC. It was very confusing to me and it also made me very angry.

I can travel most anywhere I want with little difficulty but someone from Belize, who has jumped through all the hoops still gets denied?!! Crap.

I don't believe my MP (senator equivalent)would have been any help in this regard. My biggest mistake was taking a "passive" role. Not that I was actually passive, for all the good it did raging against the machine. What I mean by not taking a passive role, is that I should have taken on the role of respresentative. That way the government deals directly with me as the applicant's representative. As it was, I was denied any direct information or input.

I too think it is appalling that the Visa application fees are so high and non-refundable.

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