We have tried the contacting your state senator to see if they would aid in helping get someone a visa to the US for just a visit. No help there and then we had asked if we could post a bond to guarantee that our visitor would return to Belize.
The US has no program like this for people just planning on a short term visit.

I don't know how many letters we have written for people to take to the embassy. Also my husband has gone with people to the embassy (twice, you might as well stay home because you just get to sit on the bench and never get to see anyone.)

One of the family tried to get a visa for a child to go to the states this summer, the Mom went to the embassy and they asked for a letter from the common-in-law husband. She claimed she could not get a letter because she did not have any contact with him. Well a computer check at the Embassy showed that he was in the states on a visitors visa that he has overstayed and so the child was denied.

For a small country Belize has to have a terrible reputation for people not returning to Belize.

We have had friends apply for years and some have eventually gotten their visa's.