Reading below gives a slight hint at why Canada refuses almost all Belizean visa requests. Before the incident it was not that difficult, afterwards there were cases of people being turned back upon arrival even if they had a visa. Having a Belizean passport was enough to be denied, mainly due to the fact that, as noted below, you could buy citizenship. The results of the passport program still linger to this day. It's very unfortunate that honest, hard-working Belizeans such as my friends continue to be denied without valid reason. One was denied because she had insufficient funds, she had $3000 and I was providing all accommodations in Canada. The other was denied as being not well traveled enough even though she had been to the US 12 times, along with Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras numerous times. Basically they just make up reasons to deny.

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"Meanwhile, an Indian national, Iqbal Singh was quietly deported from Canada to Belize on Jan 6. The Canadian authorities had charged him earlier with being an active member of the Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) involved in raising funds for terrorist purposes. The CSIC had alleged then that the B.K.I. was "an internationally active Sikh terrorist organisation committed to the establishment of an independent Sikh homeland and Khalistan." The CSIS also stated that it believes Iqbal Singh would, "While in Canada engage in or instigate the subversion by force of the government of India."

After losing a protracted legal battle, Iqbal Singh opted to leave for Belize quietly having obtained the citizenship of that country first by paying 50,000 US dollars under an investor immigrant programme. Unlike the Algerian, Iqbal Singh was running a profitable trucking business at the time he was arrested and had ample access to funds. As such it was easy for him to purchase’ citizenship in Belize easily.

A controversy however has now erupted in Belize after local television exposed Singh’s terrorist’ background. Belizean officials have charged Canada with not having informed them of Iqbal Singh’s antecedents. The legal conditions governing Belize’s accepting Iqbal Singh do not include any provision for revocation of citizenship if false details were supplied or if full details were not declared at time of application. It remains to be seen as to what turn the controversy would take.

With US pressure on the one hand and hostile public opinion generated by the judicial rulings, all indications are that Canada will crack down hard, even more heavily on perceived terrorists trying to use the country as a safe haven."