I'll be five...I've been saying my prayers that all is well with you Capt. Jeff! You inspired me more than I can ever say and changed my life with your courage!!

Please know that with all the great things you have done in this world, I am at least one person with whom YOU have lit a fire under my you know what to take back the power in my life; opened my world again, and woke me up! (dang, I need some new pants Capt. !!)

Without the words you said, I would not have the courage to make this dream a reality. You are in my thoughts each and every day and I wonder where you are and how you are doing. I wish I could give you a great big bear hug! Well, know that I'm at least sending you a great big giant one from my heart!

Besides, I'm counting on you getting well and meeting you in AC since I've got my heart set on a couple of those trained ducks! Quack, Quack!! smile

I'm coming down soon since I have to be out of the house not long after the first of the year. (ouch, burned bottom and sitting on a ticking time bomb--but, bottoms up w/a rum punch, cowboy up, pony on outa' here and see you soon--as soon as I sew up my pants!)

Besides, I'm quite sure a duck will make a much better companion than what I've had to put up with!! laugh

Get well soon Capt.!!