Aloha all!
Thanks for all your thoughts and well wishes.
The kids eloped and were married in a civil ceremony in Boulder CO on 11/23/05! They wanted to live together ASAP and decided the marriage thing was the proper thing to do so they did it. The round trip ticket purchased turned out to be one way, and they are now living in marital bliss! We’re pleased about their moral values and commitment to each other but I swear I'm going absolutely nuts! We're not sure now about the "wedding" in June but would sure like to have a celebration "partee" of some type! I'll certainly keep you all posted.
Choochoo, Miss Vicki, Ernie, Mr. Thornton, Suzie, Conchita, LaurieMar, Loie and Robert E... your e-mails don't work. :-( I’ve lost several e-mails as well by trying to transfer them from Dan’s account to mine, so please write me if you wish to stay in touch. Marty is out of town and I can’t post the pictures myself, soooo if you want to see them just send me a e-mail.
Oyyveeyyyy… I still can’t believe it! eek smile