I buy locally as much as possible, but wait til you can only get Mennonite cheese in Belize, see how patriotic you'll feel when you want to eat pizza. Even the Mennonites asked the Govt to raise taxes on imported cheeses, don't ban them, and reinvest those taxes in the developing dairy industry. We need experts (which we have plenty of) in the ministries, not political apppointees. Like Pappy Pena on the board of BAHA. I mean, what the hell is that? Even the people who are happy to benefit from Chavez's largesse think him messianic. But don't send Chavez a thank you note too soon-Esso doesn't want to give govt space to store the fuel coming from Venezuela. Keep an eye on who gets the deal to distribute the fuel, unless privitization has become a dirty word so close to elections.

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