Don't get me going, the Crocs are a real sore spot with me. Destroy their habit, desensitize them to humans by feeding them, encroach upon their territory by walking up to them and getting cute pictures for the folks back home and then bitch when they start having to roam further and further to find food. Who're the bad guys here, certainly not the Crocs.

Hopefully in the near future a couple of friends from Texas Tech will be coming down to do a study on the interaction with humans and to make recommendations on how we can best preserve this endangered resource. People seem to forget that the Crocs are just as endangered as the Manatees. Manatees are just cuter and easier to sell. Personally I'd love to see the government set up a park at the WASA ponds where tourists could walk boardwalks throughout the area and see, without disturbing, the incredible wildlife that we have on the island. No more chicken on a string!

On the biting note, I swam and windsurfed regularly in the New River lagoon for several years. The last Croc count I was on we counted something like 300 in our 26 mile trip around the lagoon and down the river, many in the area where I surfed and swam. I still have all my limbs. It's very difficult to catch a Croc, as we did for research, due to the fact that they are scared to death of humans. It's only by desensitizing them to humans that we take the risk of a tragic accident. Guess who gets shot when that happens? Not the guy who worked the fear out of the Croc that I can guarantee you.

Ahhh, been a while since I've had a good rant.

On the sharks, cool!