Time to partee, board friends! Which night will work the best? I have a case of champagne chilling in the snowbank for you and am preparing some treats for my guests - not fries this year but I'll make mostly dips and dippy things to dip in them (KLC - behave yourself!) We'll whoop it up!

I want to reveal a great idea for Christmas lights that I used when I lived in a snowy countryside with small children. Christmas Eve while their Dad distracted them, I would take brown paper lunchbags, even out the bottom with sand (or gravel) add tealights and make the most lovely runway down the driveway for Santa and his Sleigh! Believe it or not these lights burn for three hours and give off a lovely glow. You can put them anywhere outside in the snow. They even take wind and are a terrific surprise if your neighbours have children too! Hey, forget the kids! I LOVE them too!

This party is along the lines of the spontaneous winter suppers we used to have my dears (sorry, my deers) Tell me what you want me to prep or better still, tell me what you're bringing! Hope no one strips down this time. Denny, your cat cannot come, sorry. Do you still have her?