These are old questions which have most likely been answered many times before - So - Please forgive me.

This will be our first trip to Belize, looked at it many times, but continued to our old favorite of Costa Rica.

We always travel in Jan or Feb, due to my husbands farming operation, this is generally the only time available for travel. In reading much information I am concerned, is this going to be a bad time?

At first glance, we were compelled to choose Ambergris for our home base. But now after all my reading am considering possbibly Placencia.

We love to snorkle, (never get much of that in Costa Rica) so this is a major drawing card for Belize. We love white water rafting, so would probably enjoy some river trips although it is not white water, exploring ruins, exploring small towns, experiencing local cuisine, I love quite time and a book on the beach, he loves high adventure. Did I mention we love to eat! Enjoy a beer at the local spots, but not much into major nightlife. Our days seem to stay well packed, thus a bit tired by late evening.

I have read everything on the BelizeFirst website! As well as several others and a couple of books.

So bottom line - Is Jan/Feb going to be a bad decision?
And - Can anyone sum of the differences in AC and Placencia? Mostly concerned with the fact that I do not want to limit my trip to a beach.