To add to February weather topic...........two years ago february was very warm, in the 90's most days. Then last year,we had a record low of about 65. I have still never worn a jacket or long pants while in Belize. We have seen a few windy days and also a few dead calm days. Spliting time between the ocean and the mountains is a good idea. San Ignacio is a good location to base out of for inland adventures. You can either stay in the jungle or right in town, there is a wide range of accomidations.

Where ever you decide to stay, visit bars in the evening and get to know some locals. They are extremely friendly and can give you a lot of suggestions about things to see and do in their area. We have many longtime friends and they have given us much advice about Belize.

My only other advice is, leave your watch in your suitcase and be flexible in your plans.