My husband and I are first time international travelers. We will be visiting at the end of January, and I am wondering what to expect going through customs. First of all, when do we go through customs? We are flying out of Chicago and into Dallas/Fort Worth and then out of DFW and into BZE. When is customs? Second...if anyone has flown American you would be most helpful here...if I check a bag does it go all the way through to BZE or do I have to get it in DFW and then re-check it? I have never had to connect before to another flight, all of my previous flights have been straight through! And lastly I am going to be bringing a camera and a portable dvd player, how do I go about getting them into and out of the country? Is there a form I have to fill out or something? I mean how do they know I brought that stuff into the country when I am leaving? Any and all information in regards to this topic would be most welcome. 13 more days!