Thanks Keli
Hereís an update for those who may not have read my post over on the one KraZ set up.
As of 1:00 this last Saturday over 50 kids had signed up for the class. They asked if I could teach two classes back to back and how many could I handle in each class. After some discussion we came up with 12 students per class and divided by age. First class will be 8 through 12 years old and second class will be 13 and older. This is certainly going to be a challenge. I can use all the help I can get; not only with donations but in the class room. The first class will start at noon and the second at 1:00.
We may have to change that to 2:00 as I have a feeling the kids may linger and I donít want them to feel rushed.
We will be assigned a class room at the high school.

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