Move over Crack, Herion and Cocaine. You are insidious and harmful substances. You are banned because you cause the destruction of individuals and families. BUT! you can still buy them here with no problem whatsoever if that is your poison.

Now carbonated water such as Perrier and Canadian Club soda has been banned from Belize. Bottom line: If you want to produced any kind of purified water product for sale in Belize it has to be Belizean manufacutured. I wonder who is responsible for that?

In a couple of weeks you'll won't be able to buy Perrier in Belize, or any other kind of fizzy water product produced abroad. But! You will be able to buy cocaine and crack. Even thought it's offically (and rightly) illegal. It'll be avaialble via. the usual suspects. Unlike that harmful substance known as imported fizzy water.