Ya' heard about that "wall" being built on the Mexican border of the USA? Well, it actually starts in Belize City at the US Embassy.

It can be difficult for Belizeans wanting to visit the US.

Some items that will help but not guarantee a visitor's non-immigrant visa to the US.

The person whom the visitor will be traveling with and/or the person sponsoring the trip should definitely put this in writing. Name and all contact info should be included, especially where the visitor will be staying.

Address this to: Consular Officer, US Embassy, (address in Belize). Make sure it is legit, because the US embassy and immigration officer (border or airport) will call. No reference to work or volunteering or anything at all related to labor should be mentioned.

Also, this will help:

An official letter from work, signed by highest available officer(s)/manager(s). Time at work and salary should be included.


Getting the visa is do-able, easy, if established in Belize. A working 30 year old with land and money in Belize has a better chance than a 20 year old just starting out. Anyway, Immigration at the airport in the US will grill this individual - make sure all the details are worked out:

return ticket
who staying with (even if hotel)
contact info
job numbers in Belize
travel money (they do ask to see cash)
personal items in luggage.



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