um - i may be wrong, but dont the cruisers only get to see bz city? my friend did, and that was all. she didnt canoe the macal, she didnt climb xunantunich, she never heard the howlers at dawn, she didnt snorkel hol chan, she didnt have a belikin at bc's, nor talk to a single local. didnt even have marie sharp's anything. she never felt one thing i experienced in bz.

tho it is a huge generalization, as bobber said in the why why thread, most cruisers i have met are not the "colorful" or "different breed" of people who love AC or bz. they might get their cruise-wear messy or get their high heels stuck in the sand. ie - i can't see my mom or my neighbors with their jags feeling belize.

that's my two cents worth.