yesterday, thoughtful boyfriend gave me an issue of "outside traveller" magazine he swiped from his kid's dentist's office bcuz it had a write up on belize. (he knows my love of it). here are some cruise facts:

in 2001, passenger arrivals in Bz city was at 48,000. in 2004, 850,000.

in 2001, less than 27,000 visitors climbed altun ha. in 2004, over 112,000 did.

2 years ago there were almost no cruise tours in bz, now there are 33 to choose from.

carnival has signed an agreement to build a $50 million port terminal, which even the magazine called "cancunization".

then he asked if i thought it was worth us going someday. (he's never been).crock hunter: i personally agree with your last comment. i told him there was so much of the mainland i have yet to see, but i mostly told him i would only go back if the people and reef remained unchanged. (or if there was a board reunion party!!)