Well, My first trip to Belize, was on a cruise ship, Belize City, not real exciting, but worth standing on Belize ground.
Back by flight last year, 5 times, and now own over 6 acres up north AC.
Now the fun part.
Went on another Cruise this Feb, and since talking up Belize, and the fun I have in AC, talked about 18 persons, from our group, the Dockside Bar, into a real adventure. We were among the first to leave ship, had taxie set up to take us to the municipal airport, and fly into SP, had boats waiting, to transport freinds to our property, hung around for a while, back by boat to the Palapa Bar for a few, and back to BC's for a few more, walked the town for short while, got back on plane with plenty of time to get back on ship.
They said, that made the entire cruise the best, so far. Now some want to return back to AC, and experiencethe best of the cruise.
We did it, you can also.
Heading back to AC next week for 4 days.
Any time in Paradise is better than none.