One other way, is to travel, using a Pelican Case, by the way we are the largest Distributer in the South East USA.
The case is guarenteed for life, and is 100% waterproof, hard shell, and 2 places to put real locks on with stainless steel protectors to keep from breaking.. I travel with a Model 1560,which has wheels, and pull up handle, big enough to carry most of my stuff, and can lock it up in the room when out. Have no problem with this size as carry-on, so far. They make over 30 sizes, from small enough to fit digital cameras, to very large to put diving equipment in. I sell a lot to the Military and aerospace, since it protects all. Go on and contact me by my e-mail address.
Use the e-mail under my name or contact me, if interested. I works for me, and love it.