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Why do you think there are enough resorts?
Why do you think there are enough bars?
Why do you think there are enough internet cafes?
I own one.

Here is how you tell how many are enough.

1. Entrepreneurs keep opening them based on what they perceive to be a market need.

2. 2 go out of business

3. Another opens up

4. 1 goes out of business

This is what happened to internet cafes here in San Pedro in the last year. There was no need to consult any government or non-government agency / organization or create a commission to determine how much is enough.

This is a self sustaining process where the good last and prosper and the rest donít.

Well run resorts and bars who satisfy their customers and bring business to Belize are an asset to the country. I would like to see more Belizeans invest their capital in businesses here instead of selling their assets off. BUT they are THEIR assets and THEY decide how to best use them. Even though I sell Real Estate her in Belize I have on several occasions tried to convince some of my Belizean friends here not to sell their properties. Sadly only on occasion have I succeeded.


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