A big shout out to all--I'm new to the board and wanted to make an introduction.

My life has been presenting me with very interesting circumstances and connections. I am 18 years old preparing to graduate this coming May from Westchester Academy for International Studies (Houston, Tx high school). I will be graduating with high academics, and have already been accepted to two of Houston’s leading universities.

A transition in jobs recently lead my father to the position as the new chef of The Victoria House.

This in my opinion presents itself as a multifaceted source of opportunity for all. My family will be moving to San Pedro this summer. During spring break we had the opportunity to really check it out. The entire experience was such a pleasure.

We did a lot of local research, learned about the town, found out about the grocery stores, library, post office, hospitals, ect. My younger sister will be attending the Island Academy.

As where I, will be taking college courses online and working toward my goal of a double major in Environmental Law and Sociology. I hold a strong passion towards the environment and its preservation; especially for its aquatic ecosystem. As the daughter of a surfer, I was raised on the ocean. I would love to get involved in anything locally focused environmentally.

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the “Green Reef” team? What exactly are the current environmental concerns in Belize/San Pedro? Also--who can I get to fly my dogs? I have two big ones and one’s a pit bull. Thanks to all those who read, any info is welcomed.