First teams cross Water Safari finish
By WHITNEY DAY - Daily Record Sports
Posted: Tuesday, Jun 14, 2005 - 04:24:23 pm CDT

Team Belize was first to cross the finish line of this year's Water Safari in Seadrift. Team members are West Hansen of Austin, Richard Steppe of Irving, Tim Anglin of Colleyville, and Belizians Jerry Rhaborn, Daniel Cruz, Leroy Romero and Armin Lopez. (Daily Record Photo by Anita Miller)

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The 2005 "world's toughest boat race" is paddling to a close.

As of 6 p.m. Monday night, 23 boats had crossed the Texas Water Safari finish line in Seadrift. The remainder of the 105 race entrants have until 1 p.m. Wednesday to complete the 260-mile journey. Only unofficial results are available until that time, but many teams have finished.

Team Belize was first to the coast with an unofficial time of 36.36 hours. The squad was the favorite due to its size. There were seven men on the 45-foot long canoe, including three Texans and four Belizians. Members of the winning team were West Hansen of Austin, Richard Steppe of Irving, Tim Anglin of Colleyville, and Belizians Jerry Rhaborn, Daniel Cruz, Leroy Romero and Armin Lopez. This safari marks the 13th completed for both Hansen and Steppe.

The second-place team, Beyond Compliance, was less than two hours behind the leaders with a time of 38.06. The six-man squad was made up of Pat Petrisky or Port Lavaca, Pete and Wade Binion of College Station, Mark Simmons of Pearland, Vance Sherrod of College Station and John Maika of Dripping Springs.

The squad made up of Jay Daniel, Jim Pye, Tim Rask, Jonathan and Tommy Yonley and Jonathan Zeek earned a third-place time of 40.06.

The Cowboys were the fourth to cross the finish in 41.46 hours, and were the last of the long boats favored in the race. Paddlers were John Dupont, John Mark Harras, Sammy Prochaska, Shaun Bain and Rob Wytaske.

The multiple-man canoes were all in the unlimited category.

The first C-1 boat to finish came across seventh overall with a time of 47.22. John Jackson of Granger manned that canoe.

The first women's boat arrived in Seadrift with a time of 48.31, eighth overall. The Texas Trio was made up of members Mary Tipton, Sandy Yonley and Holly Nelson.

The first tandem boat to arrive was manned by Ken Keiffer and Cory Laskoskie, who were 10th overall with a time of 49.05.

The first solo racer was Ardie Olson of Cummings with a 49.25 time.

First-place aluminum honors went to Jimmy Doran and David Hatton with a 13th-place overall time of 49.51.

Standard category winners were Edoh Amiran and Liam Price, who were 14th overall, finishing in 50.03 hours.

Scott and Ana Johnson won the mixed category with a time of 52.36. The San Marcos residents were 18th to cross the finish line.

Boat number 69, carrying the oldest racer this year - Samuel Vester, 75 - is still in the race. Vester, of Laredo, and his son Tom, of Boerne, are each looking for their first safari finish.

An awards banquet and luncheon was scheduled for noon Tuesday. All other teams will receive their awards as they finish.

Wednesday at 1 p.m. marks the 100-hour deadline for reaching the Seadrift finish line.