It has reached the attention of the Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize, FECTAB, through our snorkeling member operations, that there has been a serious breach of the laws of Belize with regards to the protection and preservation of our national patrimony - in this case, Sergeant's Caye, a small and fragile, hurricane damaged coral island east of Belize City, directly on the first line of barrier reef. This island and its surrounding living coral reef are critical to both the fishing industry and the tourism industry.

Reports are that a tour operator placed some 20 workers on the island recently, who proceeded to move a great deal of coral sections around, pound anchorage equipment into the coral sand, and build a breakwater wall from coral, etc., having sought no permission whatsoever from the appropriate authorities.

FECTAB categorically condemns this callous disrespect and disregard for our laws, and damage against our national patrimony.

Should investigations prove true, and it seems from all indications that they are true, FECTAB strongly supports any call from the authorities concerned, to bring down appropriate measures against any operator found guilty, including, and most strongly recommending, cancellation of any tour operator's license issued to such an operator, and taking the matter to the highest possible level of action, including immediate cessation of all actions on Sergeant's Caye by this particular operator.

In Belize, we are already witnessing the callous disregard displayed from time to time by certain entities in Belize, for the preservation of our pristine, natural environment, and in particular, our rivers and maritime areas, including serious environmental and physical damage. Strong actions by the authorities will ensure we keep Belize and all things Belizean protected and preserved.


Tom Greenwood

President, FECTAB