SIN says:

"Just checking to see if you feel that drug abuse or addiction, illegal or legal, is a bad thing and a negative force in our enviroment. If so, you need to remove the word "illegal" from your posts and stick with drugs (which includes alcohol and tobacco). If not, then what you are saying is that your drugs or poison is safer than another man's."

You have still not definitively said what YOU would like to see complain about the present situation so you must want something to change. I have said that I would like to see illegal drugs legalized so that drug dealers in their present form (non-tax paying murderers) go out of business and governments can tax drug revenues and treat drug victims with the tax revenues. I might be wrong but at least I can say what I want to happen.

Now, again, SIN, what would you like to see happen given your evident disatisfaction with the present situation?