There are some very good sites (and some just stupid ones) on CAFTA and what the final goal is (FTAA). A Google search will give you an idea of the arguments for and against.

The main issue is not duties, in general dropping duties is a good thing for the consumer. If Belizeans had more disposable income it would work out nicely but they don't.

The problem is the subsidies that make the playing field so unfair as to prevent the smaller economies from making greater inroads to the US market. US farmers will cry but the US sugar industry receives more in subsidies than the entire GDP of many small countries (including Belize). If the market for sugar was truly open to Belize the economy here would take a big boost. The same pretty much applies for most of our major industries.

I'm not really on the hemp bandwagon but Belize could do very well with that crop but I'll bet if it was attempted on a large scale that the US would be the first to step in and put a stop to it. On and on it goes...

I may sound anti-American but I only have it for those in government who could really give a shit about what their foreign policy does in the rest of the world.

Americans are great, their government sucks and unfortunately most Americans are shielded from the realities of the rest of the world and the effects of US foreign policy. I think a lot of people would be pissed to know what goes on in the name of America, they would certainly have a better of idea as to why there is so much anti-American sentiment around the world. Nobody likes a bully.