Yeah, if it weren't for the money we supply, we'd be even easier to hate, I'm sure.

Once again, the larger the target, the more flak thrown. Hell, we're the Wal-Mart of world politics.

If we--and by extension, our government--didn't, as you espouse, "give a shit about what their foreign policy does in the rest of the world," I'd think we'd just cut off all foreign aid, take what we wanted and call it done. Agreed?

I really take offense to the concept that Americans don't care about the rest of the world. Historical record certainly argues the opposite.

Can you imagine what most countries who depend on the money given (or "loaned") to them by the US, whether it be official aid or tourist dollars, would look like without that support?

Can you?

OK, go ahead. Bite away.

* I Go Pogo *