Amanda that hurt. I am in the UK where it has been cloudy for weeks, but no proper rain. We are about to have a hosepipe ban in London because of drought although we have to wear rain coats and take umbrellas out every day because it spits for 10 minutes out of every hour. I am about to write my cheque for %40 to the taxman, and I am looking out over an factory which is about to be converted into 14 high density flats for people on low incomes and a couple of dumped cars. I just can't understand why you think Belize is so lovely!

I think Simon is right. My family live in the USA and I love watching Fox news for the ironic pleasure of reactionary broadcasting. I get quite an insight into USA attitudes whenever I visit. Most people in the USA really are unaware how USA foreign policy affects other countries and how the USA is perceived in the rest of the world. I agree that most USA people are wonderful but the government has done them a great disservice. That said, very few governments do well by their country. It is always interesting to watch the news in the USA and see how things are reported so differently there. It seems that many USA folk who depend on the television news are misinformed and uninformed.
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