This was our 2nd time to AC. My wife and I stayed at The Palms for 5 days and moved to The Blue Tang for four when our friends left. The Palms is a very nice place, small intimate pool area, and the staff are are gracious and helpful. It doesn't hurt that it is a couple hundred yard walk to the Belikin distributorship, a case of Belikin can get heavy. The Blue Tang was also had an accomodating staff. I had a load of laundry done and apparently had a $100 Belizean note in a pocket that came out in the wash. It was on top of the laundry when we got back to the room.
The only drawback is Ladies Night at Wet Willy's which is loud but that is a temporary annoyance, we probably should have drank more and we could have slept through it wink . The WW dock supposedly also serves as the Blue Tang dock but we used the Paradise Villas pier which a lot of locals do also. They have installed a door with a combo lock so that may not be an option soon.

Papi's is not a culinary marvel but the food is good and you get a great glimpse of the people of San Pedro. Estelle's as always is great for breakfast and/or lunch. We had dinner at Elvi's Kitchen twice and loved it both times. Chicken tacos at Celi's Diner are cheap and good, the last thing we ate. A chicken to go from Ali Baba's made a great snacking source throughout the day. Empanadillas and Baja fish tacos at Mangoes for lunch were aawesome, both times. Dinner at Bluewater Grille and Fido's was good. We ate at Rojo Lounge for my birthday dinner. The food was good but I think you pay for the ambiance as well. The chef was friendly and the lazy dogs inside made it a cool time also. It is a cool place, just be ready to pay. Casa Picasso was also very good but pricey. Our last two dinners were Meatlover's pizzas to go from Pedros. Our last meal was supposed to be Jambel's but my wife was assaulted by four rum punches as we talked to Clive at Wet Willy's that I went for pizza again. The pizzas are excellent and you can have a nice glass of wine (or two) while waiting.

The aforementioned Pedro's, Crazy Canucks (it can be a jaunt), and definitely BC's.

Julie at BC's was very nice
I found Pedro to be very personable. I also like what he did for the Fruit Lady.
Albert and Aaron from Serious who guided our manatee excursion were really cool.
Tomas at Reef Adventures who took us on a fishing/beach BBQ arranged by "Captain Daniel" who said he would be the guide. It worked out much better with Tomas anyway.
Listening to stories from Charles at Estelle's.
The people I met on the beach. Hans the Rasta I ran into several times. I bought a CD from the Lyrical King. The smiling Mayan ladies selling Gutamalan weavings. Our little friend Reynaldo (Hen) from Punta Gorda whom we met the first day selling necklaces. I finally relented on day 4 but in between we talked with him a lot. Later in the week we would be walking the beach and I'd hear Pattymeat coming from somewhere and he would be sitting with someone trying to do business. To Hen, Dios Bo'otik for giving me my Belizean nickname, Pattymeat.
The kids are the soul of San Pedro. Some of our interactions with them were the most honest and pure glimpes of the island. We weren't always a mark or oddity with them.
Of course we loved all the dogs and hope to see 100% collars next time. Thanks SAGA, we'll bring more stuff again next time.

Enjoy an awesome massage at Tropical Touch
Beware of Captain Daniel working the beach in front of Belizean Reef.
Steer clear of the guys hanging out in front of the cemetary selling fishing/beach BBQ trips on the Mama Claire. Your BBQ will be in front of the cemetary. He was drunk as a skunk when he tried to get us to go. They put a very shiny conch shell on a platform in the water to try and get your attention, keep walking.
If you run for exercise, be prepared for most locals you pass to look at you like you are the biggest idiot in the world (which you may be if you waited past 0700)
Most of all, enjoy San Pedro for what it is. Yes, there are some folks just trying to work you but most are just honest and friendly people.