Team Belize wins Water Safari
From Staff Reports
Posted: Tuesday, Jun 13, 2006 - 04:02:49 pm CDT

SEADRIFT - Team Belize took home the 2006 Texas Water Safari title, cruising into Seadrift in exactly 38 hours, 44 minutes ahead of the Mynars' boat.

The results were confirmed by Linda Cochran in Seadrift, but remain unofficial until certified.

Internet reports indicate that as of 8:26 p.m. Sunday night the Belizians passed the final Texas Water Safari checkpoints at Tivoli 34 minutes ahead of the Mynars' boat.

The Belizians' boat which includes College Station's John Bugge and Belize natives Armin Lopez, Jerry Rhaburn, Afrain Cruz, Armando Cruz and Daniel Cruz, took an early lead in the race at Rio Vista. The team relented, however, by the time the lead pack reached Scull Crossing early Saturday morning.

The Mynars' boat, manned by Fred and Brian Mynar, John Dunn, Sammy Prochaska, Jerry Cochran and Mike Vincent returned to the race after a one-year absence.

At the Tivoli checkpoint, the Raskafarian boat of Pat Petrisky, Tommy Yonley, Jonathan Yonley and the Rask family came in to Tivoli in the wee hours of Monday morning, four hours after the Belizians.