We did ATM arranged through Aguada Hotel for $75 US ea and Tikal for $100. each. ATM was by far the most physically challenging as well as surprising tour we took while in Belize. The 45 minute jungle hike and the fording of the river was okay. We were not prepared for the "okay, now to get to the cave, swim". But we made it. Our Tikal trip was just me and my husband. We were taken to the border, handed over to a guide who gave us our own personal tour for the day. It was great! Definately worth a stay in the SI area. We rented a car, drove to SI and did the Belize Zoo and Cahal Pech, Xunantunich, and the Mopan river tubing on our own and still had $$ to spend on AC. We plan on renting again and doing the Pine Mountain and Placencia on our next trip.