remember sonny berry? that adventurous, really nice tan, bald guy on the island (not to mention great sales person) that was whisked away from san pedro on felony charges in texas. well....

my case was settled last week. amazing turn of events. the district attorney never asked hertz the money i had paid on my rental car bill. he just asked what the total bill was. i have paid $1,000 for each of the past three months with august being the fourth and final payment.

i questioned my attorney on the numbers and asked where my credit was. he assumed hertz sent the balance owed. come to find out hertz had debited my account twice as i stated to my attorney in our first conversation nine months ago. i had indeed left enough money in my account to cover exactly what i owed.

the foolish thing i did was leave in a hurry to belize to catch my flight after having to renew my passport last minute. the remainder of the bill for the amount due when hertz found the car in the hotel parking lot was $870. a misdemeanor offense at best.
how i got deported and into felony court will remain a mystery. i paid restitution with all felony counts dropped, no probation and a pat on the back from the d.a. go figure.



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