I would like to book a room at the jungle lodge tikal before I arrive in belize although it seems you must pay a premium price to do this.

I have heard that rooms at the Jungle lodge are around $35 but when I inquire about pre-booking, I can only get a price on a package...$126 per person, which includes lunch and breakfast and transportation to the Flores airport.

What is even worse about this situation is that the tour company through which I was inquiring, Mayaworld Tours, does not accept credit cards and would want the money wired to their bank account.

I am not at ALL comfortable with this as I would have no recourse were the company to fail to provide my services.

I am NOT a wait until the last minute type person. I always worry that on the one day that I want to stay somewhere, the entire boy scouts of america will have the place booked...or something like that. BUT I am beginning to face the fact that I will just have to wait until I get to San Ignacio (the night before my trip to Tikal) and make arrangements from there.

Any advice? Has anyone dealt with Mayawalk Tours?