Everything good so far, 9000 folks evacuated. Several businesses are having employees return from the mainland first thing this morning and guests should be arriving before lunch.

from govikes:
Power is still on. Sun is still shining, beer is still cold. Just got done eating a crunchy falafel sandwich and some yummy roast chicken from Ali Baba's. Some vendors in park are open, Celi's deli, Bc's, Ali Baba's. And where I am - Coconet.
From Jesse:
Not many
people about...most looking around too. About 1/2 of buildings boarded up. Seas still calm. Not much
breeze. Looks like a possible spoke from Emily toward the northeast but
very mild. Nice day...hot!!

Besides Marinas store and bar, Antojitos and Tycoon are also open.

From the San Pedro Emergency Comittee:
The Police and the BDF are patrolling the Town along with a small contingent of police/BDF to the north of the Island. There were no break ins reported last night which was excellent, since we have been having robberies every night in the past week, this shows that the Police/BDF have been doing a great Job.

The San Pedro Emergency Committee has performed extremely well and the Emergency Plan would not have been implemented so well, without the Whole Team's excellent effort.

The storm has not come ashore yet so we are still activated and continue to monitor Hurricane Emily.

Marty back ...
The sunny and hot weather is the dead spot in such conventional (not being pushed back by an El Norde)
is always the South West of the eye -- which is where we are at.

Look at the "effect" circles on the Navy tracking graphic -- you will see
that clearly marked --

i like this way the navy track shows the predicted power of each quadrant graphically with the different radius' that each quadrant shows on that track.

the circles also show the NE quad storm effect being bigger like it is.

we're in as good of a spot as we can be for this one, provided it sticks like a magnet to that track. and it should. the storm has a relatively small eye, and is generally category 4 at this time. Surge and accompanying water are always a question.

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