PUC hearings regarding BTL's push to quash voip, instant messages and satelitte dishes, April 26, at the Radisson, 9-noon.

"With dependable testing it confirms what has been suspected that BTL is blocking access to port 5060 at their routers. The test also attempts to connect via port 6000, this test also failed. This is worrisome as it could indicate that rather than simply applying filters on their routers they might be using some sort of stateful inspection to specifically target SIP and or H.323 packets. This would give credence to the statement made on the Belize

forum that they (BTL) bought some big bucks software (China) to prevent VoIP usage.”

“It is also notable that BTL claims to that they are not 'blocking' communication. This could be true based upon the definition of “blocking”. Some Vonage calls are going through. What they are doing is lowering the quality of service (QOS) which will cause users to become frustrated and leave the service.”

"While BTL is maintaining that VoIP services are not licensed in Belize it is interesting that they want to provide the connection but limit the incoming content. They are not complaining about Yahoo, Excite, Google and other content related services and these are not licensed."

"The April PUC meeting is most important and must have substantial attendance. BTL is so used to operating in a vacuum and getting their way without the people knowing in advance. Having a well prepared plan with supportable data is critical. And having hundreds if not thousands of people attending the meeting from every part of the Belize economy, every district and disciplines is paramount. And, the media must be on top of it all"

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