Or "big" dictators.

Vonage takes about four redials most of the time to get a call out, and somehow they have it set up so that when an incoming call comes in, it goes directly to voice mail. Same with the Vonage 800 number.

Since those of us that have Vonage require at least the second highest dsl speed, it would seem to me that while they are "experimenting" with their expensive (by the way, if BTL is so poor, how can they afford this?), software, they are lowering my internet speed erratically, and, in effect, we are not getting what we are paying for.

Everyone who owns the Vonage system should show up at the meeting. They are in effect cutting off their nose to spite their face. When a prospective guest dials an 800 number from the US to make a hotel reservation, and they cannot get through to a place; and then even if they leave a message it may take quite some time to return the call, they may actially go somewhere else....not Belize.

But, after all, it IS all about the "right now" isnt it?

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