I realize you love your animals. Nothing wrong about that. The problem being that you are planning on going to Belize which would win no award with the way it treats its pet population. In fact the major problem in Belize is that they are still considered animals and not pets. The concept that we have that our pets our children is not an aquired third world trait. I have said this before my Belize family would never say anything to your face about going to your home and finding the cat for instance walking on the kitchen counter, nor would they say anything about the dog staring at them while they were eating. Or the pets on the bed or the furniture. But you can bet
that the minute we leave the first words out of their months are going to be. "Man that house smells like an animal. What is with this dog following us around and sitting by us on the sofa. Who would eat their food after that nasty cat walked over and sniffed it. The animal hair is on everything. " Every complaint that one can have about an animal is voiced.
If I took my pet to Belize I would have major concerns always about them. First of all our concept of having the pooch go eveywhere with us is not well received. As much as you would like average Belizeans are not going to view your animals as children. Lets say your pet escapes the fenced yard you think that those loose dogs wandering around are going to just greet your pooch with a friendly sniff. They are more likely to make a beeline for your pooch and attack it. If you would lose your pet and they ended up with a local family that nice lovely lifestyle that your pet has now is over. Its back to the dog eat dog world.

It goes without saying that anytime you interfer with the natural process ie feeding chickens to an crocidile that one must learn to live with the consequences of the action.
In the real crocidile world not many chickens get dropped from the sky. Also great way to take away their fear of humans is to have us standing around watching the event looking like the next meal.
You know that Belize still carries out a bait and poision for all the strays. Also it is not unknown for locals to dispose of animals that have what they considered unattractive traits. Two of these traits would be dogs that are agressive and dogs that bark alot. Another easy way for a dog to meet its demise is to be a chicken killer.

Still say that the chance of a crocidile leaving his pond or swamp area and coming out and hunting down your dog are poor. Now the chance of your dog wandering down to the pond, swamp and getting taken off the bank would increase greatly if people are down there throwing in chickens and such. But don't think I would view the crocidile as the problem. Point that finger at us humans.