Marry a Belizean? lol...I read all the posts and was just enjoying all the input. Having been raised there, I will do my little input. Depends on what you want or expect out of the marriage. Belize guys are absolutely adorable..LOL. Smooth talkers, funny, great dancers, party animals. They like to be waited on hand and foot lol. Now living on an island does make you lazy....and hey, if you got some money and don't have to worry about anything...well, a Belize guy would be only too happy to join you. Now there is also the hard working man, who is quite different. Like I said, depends on what you want. Also is not readily available to sometimes even if you want to can't. So a certain lifestyle has developed in Belize over the years. I think it's the typical Island way though, I believe it's like this in all the Carribean. All in all I don't think Belize guys are that different really. I never married one lol.


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