OK, ladies. I can see by some of your comments that there is a need for me to break the unspoken othe of my male brethren and inform you that many times when we offer to buy you a drink in the bar, it is not because we have a proposal of marriage on our mind. Let me see if I can use the analogy of snorkling in a way to make my point. When you put on your bikinis and go to Shark Ray Alley, you might see some angel fish. But more realistically, you are going to see sharks. The reason being, that some of you that have come before have not had ,shall we say, the highest of morels. Some have not only taken pictures of the sharks, but have actually gone so far as to feed them. And being creatures of habit, at least the males have learned that Shark Ray Alley is a place where they have a good chance of being fed. And even if they don't get fed, at least they get to see girls swimming in bikinis. Now, it has yet to be scientifically proven, but it is believed that once in a while, some of these sharks actually turn into angle fish. This hold true for sharks in all waters, not just Belize sharks. So ladies, go for a swim. But if you look like you have food in your hand and you get bit, just remember that shark behavior has developed over thousands of years.