LOL..those are called "Survival Skills" intended on keeping your cash from being separated from your pocket.

"Social Skills" are where you make sure to appoint someone to keep an eye on you so you don't end up on the ground like my wasted friend...LOL [Linked Image]
Always very embarrassing the next day when you have to ask..."Did I do anything stupid?" ....Ugh!

Cheri....LOL...yes, I can just hear you saying that! [Linked Image]

I'm just lazy...I don't even want to have to open my mouth and waste my breath.....LOL
I was having a drink in Fido's one night with Silk...and some....ummmm....fellow that had been harassing her earlier in the day came strolling in. She says.."uh he comes.." LOL..gave him "the look" as he strolled over to the table....LOL
He made a side-swipe-circle all the way back around to the bar..then out the door....LOL

She says.."How do you do that?"
I told her..wait and see...after you have been here long will have it perfected too! [Linked Image] I think she does now!