I just got my computer back, its been in for repairs for 3 weeks.

Straight talk on this subject:
Its so true what Tammy said about going out and being approached without ANY encouragement, some guys sense a vulnerability, and I've never experienced anything like this in the U.S. Its predatory. I'm just there to listen to the music and spend time with my friend and I end up having to get out my anti-man spray. I've had to learn my own methods for this...
I just don't really go out much more anymore. Also, there's not a whole big nightlife here on Caye Caulker.

I read what you had to say on the subject Warren, and I agree with most everything you said, but these guys are sooooooo smooooth, and if you're an American woman and dont understand the fact that it's mostly B.S., you can get sucked right in. Fa true.

I see silly women coming down here to get layed all the time, and the one thing they dont understand or care about is that Belize has the 2nd highest AIDS percentage per capita in the WORLD! I've NEVER seen a used condom on the beach or in the street.