I suspect at the latest i'll be there sept. 1st but i plan to leave before then so i can get things settled.
My friend in the states and i have come up with a business venture sure to do well. We already know of it's success in other areas of the world. i would tell you here but this is a public domain.
The beauty of the venture is that the profits will become the money to pay off the money aready owed for the purchasing of a island in Belize. all the othere money which is from trusts, investments and other monies. I will want to invest in a bar,village and you know what i mean. At the moment i've done alot of research. I plan to make the move very soon. I would like to have reliable people to be apart of some of the ventures. keep in touch


I have a apartment almost ready to be had. but its all not taken care off yet at the moment.