Wow, you guys/gals are all great. I hope I don't take up too much of your time since obviously I have alot to learn. Thanks for the message board tip. I'm embarrased but honest to say I couldn't figure out how to "reply" before. I didn't SEE the reply on the bottom. I guess all in all I'm quite intimidated, but willing to try anyway. I am going to start with the info you all sent. I also have someone here who is looking at taking a job there so that's why I was considering it, so I'll find out more details from him. I really appreciate all you help and knowledge. I know I haven't been specific but that's because I haven't ever been out of the country yet so I don't know what to expect. I probably should check out the sites you all recommend, however I came across yours first when I looked up Belize in a search engine. I'll do some more homework and if you don't mind check back with you when you know more. Thanks much. wookie