I am the new guy on the block having just joined today. I have a zillion questions so "y'all" get ready. I have spent days and days surfing numerous websites on the subject including virtually all sites mentioned on this board. The first question stems from the QRP program. Is it REALLY possible to subsist – and “comfortably” (I realize that is a relative term) – on the $1,000 (or as senior Ric would say from the “north” website - 2,000 "dollah") in Belize? As time goes by you all will become familiar with me but for now I’ll just say that I have “watched” Belize for the last 6 or 7 years for two reasons: tarpon and retirement. Unfortunately, I have yet to visit.

Having recently been laid off by corporate America and, although it happened 4 months shy of my early retirement, I did get my retirement and I could meet the $1,000 minimum. So, that’s the first question and the second would be where, in Belize, do you get the best for that money AND have a large contingent of expats? I really like what I see in SP but it does seem more expensive than other parts of Belize, which gives rise to question one.

Then we can get into the tarpon angle. I have a flats boat that I REALLY would like to figure out how to take with me but, particularly in SP, I see problems with that. Being an itinerant tarpon fisherman, I currently trailer it everywhere and I can tell you that keeping it in the water for any length of time is much more trouble than it’s worth.

Anyway, these are the first of many to come. The idea of retiring to fish for tarpon all day is much more enticing than trying to get another job, which is proving to be VERY frustrating not being 20-something AND with the constant threat of war. I am twice divorced, totally unattached (not even kids), have spent many years in third (or maybe even fourth?) world countries and LIVE to fish. The boat doesn’t HAVE to accompany me but I can tell you it’s just not the same only fishing from shore. So, any insight anyone has would be helpful. I’ve been thinking of coming down for a week or so just to fish a little and maybe even meet with a few “residents” to get a better idea. And, I know Lan is out there somewhere lurking with TONS of knowledge and advice so, OK, now it’s y’alls turn. Over…….

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