A note with love......thanks everyone from all boards and all the locals and tourists that have enjoyed Rasta Pasta through the years... and expressed support and such positive energies on this board and even followed us on our wanderings and by word of mouth, directed at what we have always tried to do... I just want to give a heads up to quite a few more great eating spots here that it's almost become one day to Caye Caulker is just not enough. High end and consistently good: Don Corleone ( good breakfast and dinner nice ambience}and Habaneros for Dinner great menu and quaint.I recomend reservations for both.. Moderate yet consistent but sometimes slow... Sandbox(Open all Day Great comfort food), Rainbow .. Belizean cuisine on the water, Happy Lobster Good Breakfast), Syd's..Real Belizean Food at fair prices, Marin's Restaurant next to I & I been here ever since, Great hang out open all day Herbal Tribe. Amore Cafe a great coffee and snack stop ( AM only) Cheap treats... the little lady close to Chan's Grocery on Middle Street(AM only) for great johnny cakes with chicken or cheese and burritos mm... Glenda's (a classic) cinnamon rolls.. open till after lunch, the bakery on middle street. Aunties (aka Pirates- Best fast food on the island.(strictly to go & open all day) and can't forget the juice lady fresh squeeze by Popeye's Ms Mirna best fruit salads across from Miramar hotel, Ms Rose's creole dinners off her cart by Oceanside and The chinese restaurant bless them open till Midnight. Hope I have given a likkle credit to all since we can all work positively together which makes the day so much better.
Nuff love and respect Maralyn