Here are some success stories in a variety of areas ................

Philippe and Nadia at Mata Chica spent two years looking for the right spot to build a resort. they found Ambergris Caye, bought land and built a flourishing business. Come and have a peek - they had good business plan, adequate savings and they work really hard. They survived a bunch of really tough stuff (including Hurricane Keith) ...... but at no time have I heard them say that it was not worth it, or that they would head back to LA, Paris or Milano ....

Malcolm at Fidos has done an excellent job of building a strong business. He paid his dues, but never gave up, and Fido's is a raging success.

Herman Penland moved here to "retire" - he bought Southwind properties and moved into development with Belizean Shores - a very successful condo-resort enterprise.

San Pedro Sun was started by Gringos and eventually sold to Dan and Eileen who were then newcomers ....... it's a super paper with a wide circulation.

Success for an entrepeneur is never guaranteed, nor easy ..... here or anywhere. But it is possible if you have the right skills, adequate funding and have a product that is right for the marketplace.

The problem most folks have is that they arrive in Belize with a particular fantasty that is so fixed, they fail to see reality. That's why you can benefit from stories of failures and/or difficulties too ...... knowing both sides of the coin is very helpful.