The Two Gringas Do It Again!

Day 2 -- Friday 30 January 2004 -- California

"Just a place separating here from there."

Mile 739 - Williams, California

Once upon a time, several major-life-changes ago, I lived in the Central Valley of California, and it makes it very hard to say anything interesting about it -- or, indeed, to find anything interesting in it.

This is a place in which I once accidentally found myself, spent a few years, then left at the earliest meaningful opportunity. It changed my life, and I left as soon as I could.

[Marty - Please insert "Central Valley highway" photo here. Thx, 'L]

Previously, and subsequently, I have -- like most others -- driven across and back across and up and down this Valley (this one-time inland sea with its Gibraltar at The Golden Gate), going from where I lived to where I visited and back, or even from where I had lived to where I would live, as we are doing on this day.

Much has been said about this place, by everyone from Mark Twain to John Steinbeck, but not by me. Like a desert to an old-time pioneer, all I feel is the need to get across...

== End of Day 2, Mile 1369, Needles, CA ==

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