The Two Gringas Do It Again!

Day 4 -- Sunday 1 February 2004 -- Arizona - New Mexico - Texas

"How the Gringas Get Their Groove Back"

Mile 1774 - Tucson, Arizona

Maybe it was the unremitting pressure of preparing for this trip (and the impending business startup at the other end), maybe it was all the overtime Denise had to put in at her day job to get free for the drive, maybe it was vague expectations based on last October's (more scenic and care-free) drive down, maybe it was the "loss" of the much-anticipated scenic stretch down the Colorado River/Lake Havasu, or maybe it was being forced to pay $100 for a $50 room, and maybe it was all of the above, but in any case Denise and I arrived in our somewhat shabby rooms last night in the foulest of moods.

But Denise is no dummy.

In fifteen years she has learned to know both herself and me and how we are together -- so she wisely forked out double the double-price and got separate rooms for the night. Something about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure...

. . .

As we had planned a slack-day into the schedule, we decided to use part of it to recover this morning: Denise went to visit a friend in the west Tucson suburbs, and I slept in.

By the time we reconvened late-morning, both of us were feeling better. In fact, when the daily "mail call" to Seattle revealed that the truck title still had not arrived, it was almost a relief: we would cruise on down to the tip of Texas and wait, and things would happen as they happened...

. . .

Hwy. 10, a straight shot east: gas in Bowie, AZ; across the Continental Divide near the Pyramid and Cedar Mountains in western New Mexico (interesting formations); a right-turn at Las Cruses as we head south to El Paso where darkness catches up with us and, sadly, we follow the Rio Grand along the edge of Texas with no view beyond the orb of the headlights, turning east with Hwy. 10, away from the river, at Esperanza ("Hope") and make tracks through the evening to Van Horn, where we bed down for the night.

Texas has brought us back into the groove. Tomorrow will find us bunked at the border.

== End of Day 4, Mile 2227, Van Horn, TX ==

[Photos are: 1. The Continental Divide, New Mexico; 2. Heading for Texas.]

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