OK guys: I was trying to answer the question based on my experience and what I have seen happen with people who try to come to Belize and work. There are laws governing this. Don't ask me to explain the law to you. My advice is free and you are getting what you are paying for. But if you are planing what coolcat is, my advice is to get some advice, preferably the kind that is not for free. This board is a source for informantion. I would not put myself in a position of possibly breaking the law and having to suffer the consquences based on advice I got from this board.
To once again state my position and give my free advice, don't come to Belize if you need to work and make money while you are here unless you make those arrangements ahead of time. Belize loves tourists who come and spend money. They tend to have a different view of those who come to make money.