I also feel compelled this morning to give a little more of my advice, to those that can afford it, because I might not have given as complete a picture as I should in my earlier comments.
Belize has it’s laws and regulations. Those are interpreted and applied based on who you are dealing with at the time. You can get one answer from, let’s say a person in customs, and go back later and talk to another person and get a totally different answer. Now I am not saying that is always done intentionally. Many times is just a matter of the person looking and trying to understand a confusingly written law. And those people in charge “interpret” those laws and regulations based on who they perceive they are dealing with. Let”s face it, it is a fact of life where ever you are.
That is why my earlier advice was to get some advice., preferably the kind that is not free. Yes, you can “go by the book” and try and maneuver through the maze of laws and regulations on your own. Most that I know that have done that come away quite frustrated.
So the other two options that I see, are to hire a professional. When I refer to a professional, I mean a licensed lawyer, accountant, etc. The key word here is “licensed”.
The other route, taken by many with often good results, is to hire what is often referred to as an “expediter”. My definition of that is one who is familiar with the rules and knows people who can help minimize the “red tape”.
The downside to that is, there are many people representing themselves as capable of providing those services that either are not capable or will take advantage of you. Due to the time I have spent in Belize and the experiences I have learned from, I would consider my self much more knowledgeable on this than many of the so called “expediters, investment consultants, buyers agent” or whatever they call themselves, and I still would not consider myself qualified to charge for that. So if you decide to go that route, make sure you know who you are dealing with and get some references from past clients. Good luck to all. smile