Yes, I agree with you. I did not mean to imply that it is easy to get the information that you need, even when you go to the source. Different immigration officers have given me differing advice/requirements. That is why we made the appointment with Mr. Parchue, as he was at the time the only person who could actually approve our residency application. The labor department was no better, until I had my first application (denied) reviewed by the Commissioner of Labor, which is when I found out that the application should never have been accepted by the labor officer in SP, and I should re-apply with x y and z additional documentation. As I said, none of it has been particularly easy, and it seems that sometimes you cannot get the information you need unless you know the correct questions to ask.

The question that remains for us, is what (if any) requirements/policies will change while we are waiting for our residency application to be processed. Hey, we're in Belize ... no worries, no hurries... we'll eventually get there.